Welcome Party Artists!

Classes will vary in start times from 6:00 to 6:30pm on weeknights & Sunday nights. Classes are always at 7:00pm on Fri & Sat. Class details are shown on the calendar. Please arrive 15 minutes early for seating. Classes last about 2.5 - 3 hours.

Our price reflects ALL supplies and top notch instruction by certified art instructors! You will be painting a 16 x 20 work of art on canvas. Kids classes are on a 12 x 16 or 11 x 14 canvas. Class offerings are for 18 yrs and older unless otherwise noted.

You may coordinate your own group to attend a class that is already scheduled on our calendar. It will your responsibility to have people sign up in a timely manner before the class fills up to ensure a spot on the class roster.  Groups are seated together.  

Private parties are NOT available on Friday or Saturday evenings unless your group is 20 or more people. If you can't achieve that minumum, you may choose a date and a painting with the understanding that the class will remain open to the public for registration. 

If event is listed as a "PRIVATE PARTY", please do not register for the class unless you know you are part of that particular group! If you register for a private party inadvertently, you will not be able to attend and asked to choose another class.

During checkout, you will see the "Gift Certificate" box checked. THIS IS A DEFAULT SETTING AND ONLY APPLIES TO THOSE WHO ACTUALLY ORDER GIFT CERTIFICATES and prefer to have them mailed instead of e-mailed. By signing up for a class, your seat is secured and your name is put on a roster. 

We invite you to browse through our calendar of events and shop with confidence through our secure site. You can create an account with us if you like, or shop as a guest. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store.

Answers to many common questions can be found on the FAQ page.

Kids Summer Camp JUNE! Kids Summer Camp JULY! Gift Certificate ADULT Class
Kids Summer Camp JUNE!Kids Summer Camp JULY!Gift Certificate ADULT Class

June 16th - 19th

10:00am - 1:00pm

July 14th - 17th

10:00am - 1:00pm

$35 Gift Certificate good for one adult painting class.

Gift Certificate KIDS Class Private Party Booking Deposit April 17 - THURSDAY 6:30PM
Gift Certificate KIDS ClassPrivate Party Booking DepositApril 17 - THURSDAY 6:30PM

$25 Gift Certificate good for one kids painting class.



A portion of each class registration will be donated to the Center for Health!

April 17 - THURSDAY 6:30PM April 18 - FRIDAY 7:00 PM April 19 - SATURDAY 11:00 AM
April 17 - THURSDAY 6:30PMApril 18 - FRIDAY 7:00 PMApril 19 - SATURDAY 11:00 AM

Nurses at Nick's

Class held at NICK & JIMMY'S

Splash of Wine

 Sail Away

April 19 - SATURDAY 3:00 PM April 19 - SATURDAY 7:00 PM April 21 - MONDAY 6:00PM
April 19 - SATURDAY 3:00 PMApril 19 - SATURDAY 7:00 PMApril 21 - MONDAY 6:00PM


Partner Paint

Wine is Fine

Price shown is per Couple

Mixed Media

Guitar Collage

April 22 - TUESDAY 6:30PM April 24 - THURSDAY 6:30PM
April 22 - TUESDAY 6:30PMApril 23 - WEDNESDAY 6:30PMApril 24 - THURSDAY 6:30PM

Toledo Lighthouse

Purple Poppy


April 25 - FRIDAY 7:00PM April 26 - SATURDAY 2:30PM April 26 - SATURDAY 7:00PM
April 25 - FRIDAY 7:00PMApril 26 - SATURDAY 2:30PMApril 26 - SATURDAY 7:00PM

 Klimt Vines


 Midnight Poppies

April 27 - SUNDAY 2:30PM April 29 - TUESDAY 6:00PM April 30 - WEDNESDAY 6:30PM
April 27 - SUNDAY 2:30PMApril 29 - TUESDAY 6:00PMApril 30 - WEDNESDAY 6:30PM

Register here for the party arranged by Ashley Homler Morrison


Paint your tree PINK!!


Kids Birthday Parties May 1 - THURSDAY 6:30PM May 10 - SATURDAY 12:00PM-4:00PM
Kids Birthday PartiesMay 1 - THURSDAY 6:30PMMay 10 - SATURDAY 12:00PM-4:00PM

Kids will create a painting of your choice from our gallery! We can also create a custom painting, at no extra charge for your birthday theme! 

Black & White Tree

Mom & Me at the UAW Mother's Day Bazaar

Off site: 2300 Ashland Ave. 

Session 1: 12:00 - 1:45

Session 2:  2:00 - 3:45

May 10 - SATURDAY 7:00PM May 12 - MONDAY 6:30PM May 13 - TUESDAY 6:30PM
May 10 - SATURDAY 7:00PMMay 12 - MONDAY 6:30PMMay 13 - TUESDAY 6:30PM

Register here if you are an EMPLOYEE of the SSOE GROUP

GUESTS of employees will need to register by e-mailing cathie@uncorktheartist.com

Private Party


VanGogh Starry Night


May 14 - WEDNESDAY 6:30 PM May 17 - SATURDAY 3:00 PM
May 14 - WEDNESDAY 6:30 PMMay 15 - THURSDAY 6:30PMMay 17 - SATURDAY 3:00 PM

Toledo Mothers of Twins Club (TMOTC) Private Party.

Paint-a-Pair of Wine Glasses

Spring Theme


May 17 - SATURDAY 7:00 PM May 18 - SUNDAY 6:00PM May 19 - MONDAY 2:30PM
May 17 - SATURDAY 7:00 PMMay 18 - SUNDAY 6:00PMMay 19 - MONDAY 2:30PM


Mothers Day Private Party

Arranged by Angie Carey

May 20 - TUESDAY 6:30PM May 22 - THURSDAY 6:30PM Donation Shared Lives Studios
May 20 - TUESDAY 6:30PMMay 22 - THURSDAY 6:30PMDonation Shared Lives Studios


Elect to donate $5!

Add to your class registration and we will match your donation.

May 2 - FRIDAY 7:00PM May 3 - SATURDAY 11:00AM May 3 - SATURDAY 7:00PM
May 2 - FRIDAY 7:00PMMay 3 - SATURDAY 11:00AMMay 3 - SATURDAY 7:00PM

TLCPL Managers

Private Party!

Kids Class

Chirp at the Moon!

May 5 - MONDAY 6:00PM May 8 - THURSDAY 6:30 PM May 8 - THURSDAY 6:30 PM
May 5 - MONDAY 6:00PMMay 8 - THURSDAY 6:30 PMMay 8 - THURSDAY 6:30 PM

Mixed Media


Class held off-site at BLARNEY

Register here if you are with Jolene!

Class held at studio.

Resgister here if you are with SMB Construction 

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