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Classes will vary in start times from 6:00 to 6:30pm on weeknights & Sunday nights. Classes are always at 7:00pm on Fri & Sat. Class details are shown on the calendar. Please arrive 15 minutes early for seating. Classes last about 2.5 - 3 hours.

Our price reflects ALL supplies and top notch instruction by certified art instructors! You will be painting a 16 x 20 work of art on canvas. Kids classes are on a 12 x 16 or 11 x 14 canvas. Class offerings are for 18 yrs and older unless otherwise noted.

You may coordinate your own group to attend a class that is already scheduled on our calendar. It will your responsibility to have people sign up in a timely manner before the class fills up to ensure a spot on the class roster. If you schedule a group that cancels, your group will be issued a credit for future classes - no refunds. Groups are seated together.  

Private parties are NOT available on Friday or Saturday evenings. You may choose a weekend date and a painting with the understanding that the class will remain open to the public for registration. 

If event is listed as a "PRIVATE PARTY", please do not register for the class unless you know you are part of that particular group! If you register for a private party inadvertently, you will not be able to attend and asked to choose another class.

During checkout, you will see the "Gift Certificate" box checked. THIS IS A DEFAULT SETTING AND ONLY APPLIES TO THOSE WHO ACTUALLY ORDER GIFT CERTIFICATES and prefer to have them mailed instead of e-mailed. By signing up for a class, your seat is secured and your name is put on a roster - nothing will be mailed to you. 

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Answers to many common questions can be found on the FAQ page.

Give-a-Gift Kids Craft 1:30pm - 2:30pm   PERRYSBURG Give-a-Gift Kids Craft 3:30pm - 4:30pm   PERRYSBURG Vendor Registration
Give-a-Gift Kids Craft 1:30pm - 2:30pm PERRYSBURGGive-a-Gift Kids Craft 3:30pm - 4:30pm PERRYSBURGVendor Registration

December 7th Christmas Uncorked Shopping Spree

Session 1

1:30 - 2:30

December 7th Christmas Uncorked Shopping Spree

Session 2

3:30 - 4:30

Gift Certificate ADULT Class Gift Certificate KIDS Class Private Party Booking Deposit
Gift Certificate ADULT ClassGift Certificate KIDS ClassPrivate Party Booking Deposit

$35 Gift Certificate good for one adult painting class.

$25 Gift Certificate good for one kids painting class.


November 26 - WEDNESDAY 6:00PM   TOLEDO November 28 - FRIDAY 10:00AM   TOLEDO November 28 - FRIDAY 7:00PM   TOLEDO
November 26 - WEDNESDAY 6:00PM TOLEDONovember 28 - FRIDAY 10:00AM TOLEDONovember 28 - FRIDAY 7:00PM TOLEDO

Private Party Coordinated by Janelle!


Pre-Game Cheer & Post-Shopping Chill Time!

Paint Brutus & Fans!

November 29 - SATURDAY 3:00PM   TOLEDO November 29 - SATURDAY 7:00PM   TOLEDO November 30 - SUNDAY 3:00PM   TOLEDO
November 29 - SATURDAY 3:00PM TOLEDONovember 29 - SATURDAY 7:00PM TOLEDONovember 30 - SUNDAY 3:00PM TOLEDO

Family in town for the holidays? Paint an ELF!

The The The GRINCH! What a great way to spend the day after Black Friday Shopping!

Magical Tree

November 30 - SUNDAY 1:00PM   PERRYSBURG December 1 - MONDAY 6:30PM   TOLEDO December 1 - MONDAY 6:30PM   PERRYSBURG
November 30 - SUNDAY 1:00PM PERRYSBURGDecember 1 - MONDAY 6:30PM TOLEDODecember 1 - MONDAY 6:30PM PERRYSBURG

Family FUNday Sunday!

1:00pm -4:00pm


"Girls in the Hood"

Snowman Trio

December  2 - TUESDAY 6:30PM   TOLEDO December 2 - TUESDAY 6:30PM   PERRYSBURG December 3 - WEDNESDAY 6:30PM   TOLEDO
December 2 - TUESDAY 6:30PM TOLEDODecember 2 - TUESDAY 6:30PM PERRYSBURGDecember 3 - WEDNESDAY 6:30PM TOLEDO

Snowman Trio

Happy Santa!


December  4 - THURSDAY 6:30PM   TOLEDO December 4 - THURSDAY 6:30PM  PERRYSBURG December 5 - FRIDAY 7:00PM  TOLEDO
December 4 - THURSDAY 6:30PM TOLEDODecember 4 - THURSDAY 6:30PM PERRYSBURGDecember 5 - FRIDAY 7:00PM TOLEDO

Paint-a-Pair of Wine Glasses!

X-Mas Theme

Choose from a variety of patterns.


Magical Tree!

Planned Pethood Fundraiser

Sign up to PAINT for PUPS!!

December 5 - FRIDAY 2:00PM   PERRYSBURG December 5 - FRIDAY 7:00PM   PERRYSBURG December  6 - SATURDAY 3:00PM   TOLEDO
December 5 - FRIDAY 2:00PM PERRYSBURG December 5 - FRIDAY 7:00PM PERRYSBURGDecember 6 - SATURDAY 3:00PM TOLEDO

Bob Ross Inspired

Happy Little trees...mountains...waterfalls!  Happy EVERYTHING!


The The The GRINCH! Add your family's name at the bottom if you wish!

Heidi's Party!

December 6 - SATURDAY 7:00PM   TOLEDO December 6 - SATURDAY 7:00PM   PERRYSBURG December 7 - SUNDAY 7:00PM   PERRYSBURG

VanGogh Starry Night Christmas Rendition

Uncorkin' it with Santa!



December 8 - MONDAY 6:30PM   TOLEDO December 8 - MONDAY 6:30PM   PERRYSBURG December 9 - TUESDAY 6:30PM   TOLEDO
December 8 - MONDAY 6:30PM TOLEDODecember 8 - MONDAY 6:30PM PERRYSBURGDecember 9 - TUESDAY 6:30PM TOLEDO

Private Party 


Private Party 


Register here for Lori's Bunco Girls Night Out!

December 9 - TUESDAY 6:30PM   PERRYSBURG December 10 - WEDNESDAY 6:30PM   TOLEDO December 10 - WEDNESDAY 6:30PM   PERRYSBURG

Register here for the party coordinated by Teri Gregg!

Rainbow Tree

Private Party

Brenda's Birthday

December 11 - THURSDAY 6:30PM   TOLEDO December 12 - FRIDAY 7:00PM   TOLEDO December 13 - SATURDAY 3:00PM   TOLEDO
December 11 - THURSDAY 6:30PM TOLEDODecember 12 - FRIDAY 7:00PM TOLEDODecember 13 - SATURDAY 3:00PM TOLEDO

Private Party

Dorr Pre-School


Winter Abstract Birch

Private Party

Stacey's Celebration!

December 13 - SATURDAY 7:00PM   TOLEDO December 13 - SATURDAY 2:30PM   PERRYSBURG December 14 - SUNDAY 6:30PM   PERRYSBURG
December 13 - SATURDAY 7:00PM TOLEDODecember 13 - SATURDAY 2:30PM PERRYSBURGDecember 14 - SUNDAY 6:30PM PERRYSBURG

Birds and Blooms

Register here for the party coordinated by April Birdwell!

December 15 - 6:00PM   POCO PIATTI December 15 - MONDAY 6:00PM TOLEDO December 15 - MONDAY 6:30PM   PERRYSBURG
December 15 - 6:00PM POCO PIATTIDecember 15 - MONDAY 6:00PM TOLEDODecember 15 - MONDAY 6:30PM PERRYSBURG

Dinner, Drink & VanGogh Starry Night Christmas Rendition!

Mixed Media Monday!

Santa Hat

Terri Stone's Party!

December 17 - WEDNESDAY 6:00PM December 17 - WEDNESDAY 1:00PM   TOLEDO December 18 - THURSDAY 6:30PM   PERRYSBURG
December 17 - WEDNESDAY 6:00PMDecember 17 - WEDNESDAY 1:00PM TOLEDODecember 18 - THURSDAY 6:30PM PERRYSBURG

Class held at the Blarney Event Center located at 601 Monroe Street, Toledo, OH 

St. Ursula Dance Team

Magical Tree

Brenda Calme's Party!

December 19 - FRIDAY 6:00PM   PERRYSBURG December 21 - SUNDAY 3:00PM   PERRYSBURG Donation Shared Lives Studios
December 19 - FRIDAY 6:00PM PERRYSBURGDecember 21 - SUNDAY 3:00PM PERRYSBURGDonation Shared Lives Studios

Winter Abstract Birch

Please note this class starts at 6!!

Emily's Family

Elect to donate $5!

Add to your class registration and we will match your donation.

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